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Klyuchevskaya Volcano Erupts
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Interdisciplinary Minor in Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is detection and measurement from afar. It is much more than just instrumentation or measurement tools, and includes a perspective of investigation that incorporates many different disciplines. The remote sensing minor is for students who want an entry to a promising research and employment field which typically requires graduate training. Most of the Remote Sensing faculty have active research programs which require student workers and this experience is good professional training. The field is interdisciplinary and extremely broad and team based, including specialists in atmospheric physics and chemistry, biological and earth sciences, electrical engineering, forestry and ecology, civil and environmental engineering, oceanography, limnology, image and signal analysis, astronomy and computer sciences. The Remote Sensing Institute currently has faculty members from 9 different MTU departments and has a number of advanced lab facilities as part of a NASA center of excellence.


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Each department has one or more advisors available for students interested in pursuing a minor in Remote Sensing. Students may also contact the EPSSI Director's Office for advising information.