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UN 4000 Remote Sensing Seminar Series

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Seminars are on Mondays at 4 pm, M&M U113
unless otherwise noted.

Fall 2014 Schedule

September 29, 2014

Building a Weather Ready Nation through Science and Research

Michael Dutter and Matt Zika
NOAA/National Weather Service
Marquette, MI

October 6, 2014
Richard Honrath Memorial Lecture
M&M U115

Much Ado about Almost Nothing — Atmospheric Nanoparticles

Richard C. Flagan
California Institute of Technology

October 13, 2014

Atmospheric Physics: Observing Electrification and Lightning in Thunderstorms

Andrew Detwiler
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Program, and
Department of Physics
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Rapid City, SD

October 20, 2014

Frontiers of Radar Remote Sensing

Zhong Lu
Southern Methodist University

October 27, 2014

Occurrence of Key Members in Lake Michigan’s Microbial Food Web: Contribution to a Changing Ecosystem.

Hunter Carrick
Central Michigan University

November 3, 2014

The Increasing Importance of Ammonia for U.S. Air Quality

Jeff Collett
Colorado State University

November 10, 2014

Biogeochemical Cycling of Toxic Pollutants: Constraints from Global Modeling

Noelle Selin
MIT Global Change Institute

November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Week - No Speaker


December 1, 2014

Shock Tube Recreations of Shock Waves and Jets Generated During Explosive Volcanic Eruptions

Ezequiel Medici
Michigan Tech

December 8, 2014

A Stairway to Heaven: The Role of Desert Dust Storms in the Global Scale Dispersion of Microorganisms

Dale Griffin
United States Geological Survey

Last updated November 4, 2014.
Fall 2014 seminar coordinator: Raymond Shaw

M and M U113

Room U113 Hall Entrance
Minerals and Materials Building

About the Series

Purpose of the Class

The class, which is required for the minor in Remote Sensing, is intended to provide students exposure to a variety of ways in which remote sensing (broadly defined) can be applied to earth, planetary, and space sciences. Graduate and undergraduate students interested in remote sensing and related topics may take the class. The class may be taken multiple times for credit.

The class grade is determined by attendance and participation. There are no exams, only short written assignments. 1 Credit, Offered Fall, Spring.

Open to all juniors, seniors and grad students! Visitors to lectures are welcome!

M and M U113

EPSSI Seminar

About the Speakers

Please note that some speakers' dates may be rearranged as the schedule is finalized.

Please contact the Director of EPSSI if you wish to meet with these visitors during their time on campus. Take advantage of the educational visits!

Funding for these visits comes from the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Institute and academic departments.

Richard Honrath

Dr. Richard E. Honrath

About Richard Honrath

The Richard E. Honrath Memorial Fund
Dr. Richard E. Honrath
1961 - 2009

To honor Richard and to support his vision of scholarship, a memorial fund has been established. This fund will provide support for Richard E. Honrath Memorial Lecture and for undergraduate and graduate students whose major and/or research demonstrate a commitment to protecting the environment and/or the pursuit of knowledge about our earth's natural forces. Lecturers will be internationally recognized scholars in the arena of Atmospheric Sciences who will interact substantially with students during their visit.

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